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This Week's Special Guest:

Dr. Michelle Dunn

This week we are going to dive into...

  • Why you can't lose weight
  •  Different triggers of weight gain
  • ​How to avoid weight gain this holiday season
  • ​How to Make Health Simple...
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Meet Your Special Guest

Dr. Michelle Dunn, D.C.

Dr. Michelle Dunn is the founder of Dr. Lady Babe Weight Loss and Wellness and has over 15 years of nutrition, weight loss and metabolic resistance coaching expertise. 
Dr. Dunn and her team specialize in helping people with stubborn weight loss and inability to maintain weight in addition to related chronic illnesses through holistic approaches, diet, exercise and lifestyle modifications. She has a genuine love for people who struggle with this issue. Her approach teaches that being overweight and the inability to lose or maintain weight is not a character flaw, but is a physiological issue that can be addressed to restore health resulting in natural sustainable weight management.  

Dr. Dunn truly understands not only the physical struggle but also the emotional struggle that accompanies most clients struggling with this issue. Her passion for holistic health care approaches was born as a result of her own health struggle. After struggling for three decades to uncover the root cause of her own weight issues, Dr. Dunn was finally able to take control of her health and reach her goals! She is passionate about sharing her journey and leading others to answers so that they can live their best life too!

When she’s not coaching her clients, Dr. Dunn loves salsa dancing, traveling and jamming out to her favorite tunes. She is an avid animal lover and is a proud dog mom to two Standard Poodles (Thunder and Lightning).

Meet Your Hosts

Dr. Bart Precourt, D.C.

As a health care professional since 1997, Dr. Bart works one on one with thousands of patients. He deeply believes in supporting people to level up their lives, and to reach greater heights with their health goals. He believes once someone chooses to prioritize their health, the rest of their lives will be greatly transformed. 

Dr. Bart utilizes nutrition, dietary supplements, and in-office hands-on approaches to help people get well and achieve their maximum potential. His goal is simple: do what it takes to help you live a healthy and comfortable life. With his broad range of experience in multiple healing arts, Dr. Bart will help facilitate your body in healing and improving itself as quickly as possible. 

An avid yogi, Dr. Bart also teaches anatomy and healthy movement pattern approaches in his appointments. Along with his healthcare background, he has been involved in fitness and wellness work for years. Bart is also a noted public speaker, author, personal trainer, and fitness instructor. 

Dr. Bart spends his personal time with his wife Kelli and their bulldogs. Going to the beach, visiting their local health food shops, and enjoying weekly yoga classes in his community are a few of his favorite activities. He is a mixed martial arts (MMA) enthusiast, and enjoys splitting up his workouts between yoga, MMA, and core training. 

Meet Your Hosts

Karen Wojciechowski

Kanacura Digital Marketing & Virtual Staff

After leaving her corporate job as an environmental scientist Karen took to the road and ran a successful virtual health coaching practice while traveling to over 22 different countries.

Early on in this journey she joined the Elevays and Health Experts Alliance team to help Dr Jones spread his message of a different model of health care.

As part of this team Karen has worked with 100’s of doctors at their live conferences and online mastermind programs to help them build virtual dream businesses that create more freedom, income and impact.

Karen and her team have experience in all aspects of digital marketing and providing the virtual staff you need to let you focus on the aspects of the business that light you up. The parts of the business that you are best at.

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